First Impressions of the Nintendo Switch 🎮

First Impressions of the Nintendo Switch 🎮

Let’s talk about the Nintendo Switch. I’m pretty excited that I’ve actually had people tell me they’re interested in hearing about my take/experience/impressions of the Switch. (Although I do realize I’m one of the very few in my circle to spring and get the system on Day 1). I hope I don’t disappoint! If you have any more questions let me know. I’m always happy to talk about video games.

First a disclaimer, on top of working full 9 hour days the last two, I’m also coming down with a crappy cold. This means that I haven’t played as much as I would have if I wasn’t sick. However, considering work, sleep, and sickness, I’ve gotten in approximately 8 hours. I say approximately because, unlike the WiiU/3DS, there isn’t an app that tracks play time. A quick Google search indicates you’ll need to activate the parental controls. I might look into that further…

The first thing that jumped out at me as I unboxed the system was how thin and light the console was. I’m not saying this is a negative. I think that really builds the handheld console argument. The next thing that jumped out, other reviews have also noted, is you cannot charge while in “tabletop” mode because the charging input is on the bottom of the tablet. This seems like a design choice made for ease of going from the TV dock to mobile. However, the design choice’s awkwardness is showcased during the initial set-up. I knew this “problem” would quickly lead to third party accessories. I found one on Amazon last night by HORI for $13 that lets you do just that. This accessory also allows for the tablet to be set at a wider array of angles than can be provided by the Switch’s “kickstand”. I don’t foresee myself playing in tabletop mode so frequently that I’ll need to be charging it simultaneously. I don’t personally have plans for buying the playstand.

Here are some size comparisons for fun

The home menu is very simplistic and has been easy to navigate. There is a day one patch/system update and it seems to have squashed any problems I had been reading about, BUT keep in mind I haven’t delved incredibly deep yet. Adding friends is much easier this go around. Previously, Player A would have to type in a long, random code assigned to Player B. Player B would also have to type in Player A’s long, random code. Only then could they become friends. This time only one person needs to type in the code and a friend request is sent. If you played Miitomo for that one week last March and you’ve linked your My Nintendo account to Miitomo and your Switch, you can add your Miitomo friends that also have a Switch.

Speaking of My Nintendo, you can get Gold Points for PHYSICAL GAMES! I figured this out this morning by poking around. On the home screen, when you have the physical game cart inserted into the console, select the options for that title. You’ll find My Nintendo Rewards and Earn Points options. You’ll still get VASTLY more points for digital downloads on the eShop, but at least they listened to everyone bitching about no longer being rewarded for physical games. I hope to see some Switch specific rewards on My Nintendo sooner than later as the points expire… I might start farming points from Miitomo again.

Removing the Joy-Cons from the tablet or the Comfort Grip or the Joy-Con Straps isn’t exactly easy and you manage to hit EVERY button during the transition. Admittedly I’m not the most graceful or coordinated, but I have not found this to be a very smooth process. Returning the Joy-Cons to the tablet makes the Switch clicking noise. I like it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I also like the texture of the Joy-Cons. The Wii Remotes and WiiU Pro Controller were a slick, shiny plastic that did sweaty gamer hands no favors. The Joy-Cons and Comfort Grip have a matte texture that feels good.

I spent time playing Zelda Breath of the Wild in all the configurations provided out of the box: as a handheld system with Joy-Cons attached to the tablet, with the Joy-Cons in the Comfort Grip, and loose Joy-Cons. Each was very comfortable and I did not experience any fatigue. I had considered investing in a Pro Controller to ensure comfortable play during a long session, but so far I’ve been fine without one. I still intend on eventually getting a Pro Controller (once they are back in stock… OR hope they’ll eventually let me use my WiiU Pro Controller). I downloaded Snipperclips’ demo to try out 2-player with the Joy-Cons and their straps. Definitely my least favorite play configuration, but not terrible. Snipperclips, on the other hand, is SUPER fun and a great launch companion to Zelda. Speaking of Zelda, what I’ve played through so far is GORGEOUS. I legitimately got lost for 10 minutes because the world is so expansive. Very excited to continue playing.

I’ve ordered an additional AC adapter and carrying case for the system. I have no interest in undoing the cord from the dock just so I can charge and play in handheld mode. The carrying case seems necessary if I plan on going mobile with the Switch. I have a case for my 3DS too, but I don’t worry too much about sticking it in a pocket of my bag because of the screen-protecting clamshell design.

The bill:

  • The system $299.99
  • Zelda BOTW $59.99
  • Charger $29.99 (I know I should’ve looked for a cheaper generic option. I’m an ass.)
  • Case $19.99
  • Snipperclips $19.99
  • All in w/ tax $460.05

Titles I’m psyched out of my mind for (Elf was on the other day…)

  • Yooka-Laylee: Anyone who knows me should know about my obsession with and adoration of Banjo-Kazooie. I often “joke” that the best day of my life was beating it with 100% item collection. Well, Yooka-Laylee promises to be a modern Banjo-Kazooie. This new title is being developed by Platonic Games which is made up of former Rare employees! I love 3D platformers and I especially love Banjo-Kazooie. This title is due out on PS4/Xbox in mid-April and will have a later release on the Switch (I think it’s a perfect fit with the Switch). I’m very anxious to play this title and might cave for a PS4 copy in April, but I’ll likely pick up the Switch version when it arrives.
  • Super Mario Odyssey: I think my biggest disappointment with the Switch is not having a Mario title on day 1. This disappointment is pushed further when you go to pre-order the game on Amazon and see it’s slated for a December 29th release. ~*~sigh~*~ I’m still pumped for it, though…
  • Stardew Valley has piqued my interest

Anyone swayed to go seek out a Switch now? Going to wait? Doesn’t seem worth it? Let me know!

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